avatar for Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence
Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence
avatar for Chloe Adriana

Chloe Adriana

Primary School Teacher, Sex Love Relationship Coach
avatar for Cindy Hurley-Leister & Lucy Allen

Cindy Hurley-Leister & Lucy Allen

Counsellor, Corporate Coach
avatar for Penny van der Sluys and Jennifer Annette

Penny van der Sluys and Jennifer Annette

Sensually alive and engaged activists who champion the power of raw &...
avatar for Rene Bahloo

Rene Bahloo

Group Facilitator, Weaver
avatar for Destiny Wolf, Bess Wittingslow and Jessica Bancroft

Destiny Wolf, Bess Wittingslow and Jessica Bancroft

Healer, Rebirthing Breathwork, Shamanic Reiki, Health and Life Coach,...
avatar for Jessica Leigh Bancroft

Jessica Leigh Bancroft

Certified Holistic Health Coach
avatar for Tess Ricardo & Clare Bedford

Tess Ricardo & Clare Bedford

Tess: Reiki practitioner, Meditation teacher/therapist, Holistic...
avatar for Juke Van Der Scheer & Sam Beer

Juke Van Der Scheer & Sam Beer

Somatic Sex Educators
avatar for Nienke Berghuis

Nienke Berghuis

Art & Sound Therapist, Nada (Sound) Yoga teacher, and...
avatar for Meg Berryman

Meg Berryman

Trauma-informed Coach, Yoga Teacher and Consultant
avatar for Claire Besley

Claire Besley

Transformational Speaker, CEO & Founder Inspirited Solutions
avatar for Emma Biggar

Emma Biggar

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and...
avatar for Jourdi Bleu

Jourdi Bleu

Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Mentor
avatar for Candace Borg

Candace Borg

Vegan Naturopath, Natural Fertility Educator, HypnoBirthing...
avatar for Donna Bowen

Donna Bowen

Kundalini Yoga Instructor
avatar for Mardi Brisbane

Mardi Brisbane

avatar for Michelle Brisbane

Michelle Brisbane

Ethical Investment Services
CEO and Founder
avatar for Michelle Buggy

Michelle Buggy

Birthing Art Birhting Heart
Art Therapist and Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator
avatar for Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell

Teacher, Transformational Energetic Healer, Writer, Plant Spirit...
avatar for Melanie Chapman

Melanie Chapman

Senior Yoga Instructor
avatar for Cherry Charleston

Cherry Charleston

Body Positive Vintage Performer
avatar for Alison Clarke-Daly

Alison Clarke-Daly

Advanced Energy Healer
avatar for Manelle Connelly

Manelle Connelly

Intuitive Holistic Healer & Founder of Make Manifestation
avatar for Amanda Trieger & Sahara Contempree

Amanda Trieger & Sahara Contempree

Naturopathic Menstruality Educator
avatar for Maria Martinsson Crimp

Maria Martinsson Crimp

Yoga & Meditation Instructor
avatar for Vic Crombie

Vic Crombie

Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher
avatar for Katherine Cunningham

Katherine Cunningham

Menstrual Educator, sharing much of the Love of the Blood at Living...
avatar for Meredith Davies

Meredith Davies

Moving Essence
Dance Teacher
avatar for Kate Elizabeth Davis

Kate Elizabeth Davis

Babywearing Consultant - School of Babywearing UK
avatar for Dutchies Delights

Dutchies Delights

Dutchie's Delights
Entrepreneur, Artists & Group Facilitator
avatar for Kim Downes

Kim Downes

Acting CEO of The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation
avatar for Tamika Doyle

Tamika Doyle

Yoga Teacher and Lightworker
avatar for Kate Elizabeth

Kate Elizabeth

Ex-professional Dancer turned Artist
avatar for Laura Entwined

Laura Entwined

Entwined BellyDance
Teacher, Performance Artist, Choreographer and Troupe Director
avatar for Jade Estelle

Jade Estelle

Yoga Teacher, Menstruality Educator and Embodiment Facilitator
avatar for Jordana Ezra

Jordana Ezra

VITA certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.
avatar for Nymh Fox

Nymh Fox

Ecologist, Teacher of Sacred Ecology
avatar for Lunaria Gaia

Lunaria Gaia

Self esteem & body image NLP coach, Author, Speaker and Healer.
avatar for Pia Gaia

Pia Gaia

The Gaia Temple
Priestess, Co-Founder of the Gaia Temple in Melbourne
avatar for Courtney Gale

Courtney Gale

Experienced Life Model, Holistic Counsellor, Doula and Kinesiologist
avatar for Martina Hughes

Martina Hughes

Love, Intimacy & Relationship Mentor
avatar for Naomi Ingleton

Naomi Ingleton

Ayurvedic practitioner, Chef and Horticulturist
avatar for Kiara Jade

Kiara Jade

Relationship & Self Worth Coach
avatar for Alana Mountain & Jasmine Jarvis

Alana Mountain & Jasmine Jarvis

Therapist of Yoni Mapping, Heka & Alchemy Founder, Elemental Witch,...
avatar for Jasmine Jarvis

Jasmine Jarvis

Spirit Fire Live Flute & Dance Performance
Healer and Facilitator
avatar for Kerrin Jones

Kerrin Jones

Certified Laughter Yoga leader with Laughter Yoga Australia
avatar for Dana Kabaila

Dana Kabaila

Draws on Ancestral Knowledge of Lithuanian Folklore Practices
avatar for Gemma Kelly

Gemma Kelly

Holistic Health Coach and Author
avatar for Lindsey Kennedy

Lindsey Kennedy

Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador, Teacher, Founder of BREAST...
avatar for DJ Kundalini

DJ Kundalini

One of Melbourne’s pioneer female DJ’s
avatar for Janoel Liddy

Janoel Liddy

Stepping into Womanhood
Group Facilitator
avatar for Siobhan Lou

Siobhan Lou

Breathwork Meditation Healer
avatar for Christie Little & Kirsten Maclean

Christie Little & Kirsten Maclean

Holistic Psychotherapist and Somatic Coach
avatar for Fleassy Malay

Fleassy Malay

Mother Tongue
Founder, Poet, Speaker & Coach
avatar for Jane Mallick

Jane Mallick

Yoga Teacher, Coach and an experienced leader of change
avatar for Renée Mayne

Renée Mayne

Certified Intuitive Teacher and Trainer, Certified Dominatrix, Reiki,...
avatar for Eva Michelle

Eva Michelle

Yoga, Vocal Toning and Breath Work Instructor, Sound Healer and...
avatar for Louise Miles

Louise Miles

Little Yogi Lou
Yoga Instructor
avatar for Janelle Miller

Janelle Miller

Bellydance Teacher, Performer
avatar for Catherine Millwood

Catherine Millwood

Mama, Wife, Intuitive Healer
avatar for Pam Moodie

Pam Moodie

Certified Theta Healing & Angelic Reiki Practitioner
avatar for Natalie Ventura & Fiona Morrison

Natalie Ventura & Fiona Morrison

Parenting Coach and Creative
avatar for Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy

Mother & Yoga Teacher
avatar for Claire Nettley

Claire Nettley

Coach, Teacher, Speaker and the founder of Better Boundaries and The...
avatar for Talitha Newton

Talitha Newton

Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist
avatar for Kate B & Nienke

Kate B & Nienke

Singer-Songwriter & Music Teacher
avatar for Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen

bespoke yoga
Experienced Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist
avatar for Melissa Parker

Melissa Parker

Yoga Facilitator
avatar for Metta Paterson

Metta Paterson

Professional Performer & Singing Teacher
avatar for Sophie Rak

Sophie Rak

Mental Health accredited Social Worker, Transpersonal Counsellor and...
avatar for Ray Ray

Ray Ray

Writer and Poet
avatar for Lindie Gunston & Tonia Reeves

Lindie Gunston & Tonia Reeves

Spirit Mediums and Mentors
avatar for Lindie Gunston and Tonia Reeves

Lindie Gunston and Tonia Reeves

Professional Mediums and Teachers
avatar for Liz Reichard

Liz Reichard

Sunranges Qoya
Dancer Teacher & Owner of Sunranges Qoya
avatar for Jo Richards

Jo Richards

Sovereignty & Boundaries Coach and a Public Speaking and Leadership...
avatar for Helen Rimington

Helen Rimington

Background in Prevention of Gender Inequality, Family Violence and...
avatar for Indigo Rivers

Indigo Rivers

Presenter, Speaker, Rewilder
avatar for Mel Ryan

Mel Ryan

Soul Talk Earth Walk
Kinesiologist and Author
avatar for DJ Star Sarasvati

DJ Star Sarasvati

Ecstatic Dance Gold Coach, The Secret Forest Dances
Dj, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Founder
avatar for Rebecca Sarr

Rebecca Sarr

Healing Facilitator
avatar for Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel

Donna Lo Bartolo Shiel

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Group Facilitator and Tarot Reader
avatar for Mary Soderiou

Mary Soderiou

Professional Mentor, Speaker, Ritualist and Presenter
avatar for Lou Van Stone

Lou Van Stone

Celestial singer, sound healer and multi-instrumentalist
avatar for Annie Tayleur

Annie Tayleur

Writer, Professional Teacher, Birth and Postnatal Doula, Childbirth...
avatar for Lisa Toscher

Lisa Toscher

Life Transitions Coach for the midlife woman
avatar for Jess Tuohy

Jess Tuohy

Health Coach and Self Love Therapist
avatar for Hayley Uberti

Hayley Uberti

Dance and Yoga Teacher
avatar for Katie Underwood

Katie Underwood

Meditation Teacher, Sound healer, Instrumentalist & Award Winning...
avatar for Sam Beer & Kaggi Valentine

Sam Beer & Kaggi Valentine

Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators
avatar for Nikki Valentini

Nikki Valentini

Qualified Clinical Nutritionist
avatar for Amanda Leigh Walker

Amanda Leigh Walker

Founder of Lord of the Fries & the Creator Circle, Transformational...
avatar for Destiny Wolf and Bess Wittingslow

Destiny Wolf and Bess Wittingslow

Co-founders of Udaya Retreats, Dance, Yoga, Sound Healing &...
avatar for Raphael Van Workum

Raphael Van Workum

Awakening Coach, Author, Intuitive, Counsellor
avatar for Rivka Worth

Rivka Worth

Eco Somatic Educator
avatar for Katrina Joy Young

Katrina Joy Young

Sistership Circle Facilitator, Medical Intuitive Practitioner
avatar for Shae Allen & Charlotte Young

Shae Allen & Charlotte Young

Sexual Wellness Educator, Speaker, Coach & Transformational Guide
avatar for Jasmine Zapka

Jasmine Zapka

World Vision Youth Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Owner/Founder/Lady Boss...
avatar for Helen Zee

Helen Zee

Fertility & Relationships
Tantra Relationship Coach, Fertility Practitioner, Yoni Steam...